Hey there!

Welcome to my blog! This has been something that’s a long time in the making for me as I have been wanting to set up a blog where I can share my experiences for so long!

I suppose the best place to start is to tell you a little about myself.

My name is Charlotte and I was born and bred in Yorkshire and lived in the Harrogate area all my life, besides a brief excursion to Ormskirk in Lancashire (traitor to my county I know!) when I went to university for 3 years.

I love Harrogate and the surrounding area, with its great mix of country life and a rather busy, high street where there are many well known branded stores in addition to great local independent businesses

However I’m also really aware that many places in my local area, particularly the great independent stores that are opening up, aren’t always wheelchair user friendly and this is something I really want to post more about at a later date!

I have a condition called Cerebral Palsy, which basically means my brain has been partially damaged at birth, and as a result my muscles are tense and I am unable to walk properly. I use my powered wheelchair to get around – I would be housebound and fully dependent on people without it quite honestly – it’s my lifeline and my legs!

I live independently (actually, am I only saying that because I’m disabled?, abled folks wouldn’t have to say that!) in my own home which I love to bits, but have the support of agency carers to help me with certain things (which is something I’ll go into a lot more detail about soon!). I also have my lovely, adorable assistance dog Lexi by my side all day.

I’m wanting to use this blog as a way of both raising awareness of issues that are important to me, and giving you all a taste of my life in lovely North Yorkshire!

If you want to contact me, feel free to tweet me @Charlie_Lou88 or email via the contact page!

More soon!

Charlie xx

1 thought on “Hey there!”

  1. Interesting read Charlie, thanks for sharing. Discussing issues around night time support resonate on so many levels, I am a family member in Cumbria.


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